Sylvia Jeffreys and Peter Stefanovic have been married for well over two years now and so of course the question on everyone’s lips at the moment is, ‘When are they going to take that next step?’.

Of course, the pair are pretty busy with their careers at the moment after moving on from The Today show at the end of last year.

Sylvia has just started her new gig with Nine, working on A Current Affair and manning their new Facebook Watch program while Peter is busy with his new role as breakfast host on Sky News.

But despite this, it seems that everyone’s keen for them to actually, ya know, get busy and start having babies! (Because hello, how adorable would they be!)

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Kyle and Jackie O decided to ask Sylvia about her plans for a family with hubby Peter when she joined us in studio this morning.

“What’s your thoughts on a child? Is everyone trying to push you now that you’re married?” Kyle asked.

Sylvia told us that the rumours about her having a baby have been circling since the day that she said ‘I do’. But as for the reality of the situation, Sylvia told us that her and Pete aren’t really making plans and are happy to go with the flow.

“That’s been happening from probably the first day of our honeymoon,” Sylvia told us about the rumours. “There’s been a lot of circulation around that.”

“Have you got plans?” Kyle asked.


“Well you can’t really plan these things can you,” Sylvia replied. “It happens when it happens… It’s all in the hands of someone.”

Last time Peter Stefanovic joined us in studio we asked him the same question and he seemed to say that they had somewhat of a plan, saying they wanted to have a few years of marriage to themselves before bringing a baby on board.

“We’ve had a few things on. There’s been some distraction,” he laughed, referencing the drama when both he and Sylvia were let go from The Today Show.

“But we’re both hard workers and so we wanted to have some time by ourselves anyway for a few years after we got married.”

So it looks like there’s no solid plans for the time being for Sylvia and Peter to start a family. But as Sylvia said, you can’t really plan these things and you never know when it might happen!

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