Sounds like there’s a LOT going on underneath those costumes!

Disney workers from around the world have opened up about what it’s really like to work at the happiest place on earth – and it involves a lot of alcohol.

Submitting their confessions through an anonymous app called Whisper, the theme park employees lifted the lid on the company’s strict dress policy, trying to stay in character and what it actually means when someone says to “have a magical day”. 

“I’ve always wanted to work at Disney and be a princess,” one user wrote. “You need to be a size 10 (UK) and under 5ft 6 ins. I’m already screwed.”

Another revealed that “I want to quit my job at Disney World, but then I think about how good of a job it is and how much fun I have at work.

“I would I could dye my hair and get acrylic nails again.”


Hilariously, another commented explained that having to stay in character – so as not to shatter the illusion for children – had led to a rather surreal encounter.

“I used to work at Disney, where Rule No. 1 is: Always stay in character.

“I once walked in on Belle and Gaston having sex. They paused, and then Belle says: ‘Don’t tell the Beast.'”

For the majority of staff though, dealing with the public seems to be the toughest part of the job.

“I work seasonally for Disney World and guests are so mean sometimes I leave work in tears,” one employee wrote, while another revealed that “‘Have a magical day’ is mouse for ‘go f**k yourself’.”


One worker even confessed to requiring a little help to bring that signature Disney sunshine to park visitors, writing: “Every day before my shift I drink liquor to help make me more cheerful for the children.”

Well, you know what Mary Poppins says: “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” 

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