Emojis have pretty much become the norm in text messaging, and it’s become hard not to include a face in a text.

Well, it’s about to become a little bit harder, as we are about to get something we could only ever dream of.

That’s right.

Disney emojis are coming.

In a video released earlier this week, Disney has confirmed they will be releasing more than 400 Disney and Pixar themed emojis.

In the trailer, you ca see the new collection features characters including The Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch as well as Toy Story.

Each character will have a series of expressions, really so they can really the mood of every text you send.


That isn’t the end either.

The new keyboard will also feature Disney symbols, such as the princess cone hats alongside Mickey Mouse shaped balloons.

The emojis won’t all be available at once, though, you will need to play a game called Emoji Blitz, which involves matching characters to score points!

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