Didier Cohen is an old friend of the Kyle & Jackie O Show, and he stops by whenever he’s in town.

So, when he came in to chat about the fashion from the Oscars red carpet, he didn’t expect the guys to go through his phone!

Once they seized his phone, Kyle and Jackie O went through his search history and read out what they found on air!

This is what they found out Didier’s been searching…

Season Two Vice – “Vice News! It’s about this really amazing magazine in New York and they start a TV Show and they do a bunch of news articles.”

Models and stuff

Australia’s Next Top Model Stuff


How do you make bee venom? – ” I was just in LA for a couple of months and bee venom is like really good for your face and your complexion!”

Make-up for guys – “No, it’s being informed! A guy likes to be informed!”

How long would it take to run to Melbourne? “What was I on that night? Haha I want to see how fast I can get there. It’s 4 in the morning, there’s no flights!”

Best carrot soup – ” You know me!”

Vegan doughnut – “A vegan doughnut, a doughnut without any animal products or milk or butter.”

What’s the cause of orange hands? “My hands are orange all the time, and I don’t use fake tan! It turns out I eat too many carrots and my hands are orange!” Kyle: “yeah, right…”


What does it mean when your nipples are getting darker? “They are getting a little darker!” *Shows Kyle and Jackie O his nipples*

Didier Cohen – “It’s a bunch of old images posted on Instagram!

How long is a power nap? “How long is it?  Kyle: “It’s 40 minutes isn’t it?” “I would say 15. I think 40 is a little deep!”

Is it casting aspersions or casting dispersions?

Acting classes in Sydney

Youporn – “A little porn’s alright. I’m a big butt guy.”

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