Kyle and Jackie O take a whole heap of callers throughout the show and usually we announce ‘this is Tracey from Blacktown’ or ‘John from Cronulla’ before putting the call to air and hearing their story.

But today was different, as we had a man call up asking to be kept anonymous because he had a massive scoop to give us! And if what he said was true, well we’d want to be kept anonymous too.

This anonymous caller told us that he reckons he knows who is going to win the hit cooking show which is coming to an end very soon , My Kitchen Rules.

His proof? Mr Anonymous said that he works for a company that deals with Channel Seven quite closely and so they receive a lot of merchandise from them.

He says that as he was browsing through the products that had been sent over, he came across a number of items, including a big cardboard cut out, with pictures of ONE particular couple from the final on them.

Of course, you’d assume that since only one couple from the final was featured, that they must be the winner of the whole show! After all, why would Seven spend all of that money on the couple who comes runner up?

Find out who our listener thinks takes out the whole show in the video above!


And if you want to find out whether his predictions are correct, tune into the My Kitchen Rules finale on Sunday at 7pm.

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