Let’s be honest, Megan Marx was our favourite to win this season of The Bachelor and Richie’s heart.

That was until she walked out on the show.

But as they say, when one door shuts, another door opens and we’re beginning to think the WA beauty may have just found love elsewhere.

And it looks like she definitely has a ‘type’.

The Bachelorette joined the panel on The Project last night with our favourite Bondi Vet, Dr Chris Brown, hosting.

The tall, sandy blonde and incredibly good looking (sound like someone else we know?!) Dr Chris looked very much smitten with Megan with Twitter quick to pick up on the chemistry.


Of course, the fact he began serenading her probably made that obvious!

Bringing out Foreigner’s dramatic ballad I Want To Know What Love Is, Dr Chris had Megan laughing in response.

We weren’t the only ones to pick up on the flirting with Peter Helliar asking the Aussie heartthrob, “Are you serenading right now? Are you single?”.


Well it seems Richie’s loss in Dr Chris’ gain!

Seriously though, could this be the start of an epic new romance? Or is the Bondi Vet setting himself up as the next Bachelor?

Either way, we want to see more!

Top Photo: Megan Marx Facebook/The Bachelor

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