Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio has been secretly adding another bow to his string!

If you’ve been following the Games at all you may have spotted someone looking suspiciously like the 90s heartthrob and eventual Oscar-winner grabbing a shiny silver medal for his bow-and-arrow skills.

Turns out Leo has a doppelgänger; his twin-brother-from-another-mother is actually Brady Ellison, a member of the American archery team and a dead-set ringer for the Titanic actor.

I love this picture. Thank you @dutchtarget for the awesome pics

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And, obviously, Twitter went mad. 


It’s not the first time Ellison’s had the comparison, either; he told AP that he’s been hearing it for a while.

“I’ve had it told to me before, even when I was younger,” he said. “I personally don’t see a huge resemblance, maybe besides the facial hair.

“He is a good-looking dude so I guess it’s a compliment.”


Unfortunately for anyone setting their sights on the bow-and-arrow guy, he’s happily married to fellow archer Toja Cerne.

At least Leo’s still single.

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