If you follow anything Lauren Conrad has done after the Laguna Beach/Hills days, you’ll know that she’s the Queen of domestic bliss.

She throws parties, she designs clothes, she helps the needy and she is basically the perfect wife.

Things are getting punny at our @laurenconrad_com Valentine’s Day shoot 💌

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So though her latest project comes as no surprise to many, we have a feeling the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister, Pippa may mind.


You see, Lauren has just announced earlier this week she’s writing a party-planning book. According to US Weekly, the book will “include tips on just about everything party-related, including food, themes, decors, venues, DIY tricks, seating arrangements, invitations and more.”

The book, titled Celebrate! is similar to the book Pippa Middleton launched in 2012, which is called Celebrate: A Year Of Festivities For Families and Friends. Though Pippa’s book was widely slammed by critics for including things such as a recipe for making tea.

So, very similar name, almost identical content, (though, LC wouldn’t be caught including content as simple as how to make tea) – do you think we have a potential feud on our hands?

Source: Cosmopolitan

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