It’s official, ‘Democracy Sausage’ has been named as Australia’s 2016 word of the year.

The democracy sausage was seen and eaten at polling booths across Australia on election day, and now it’s been honoured by the Australian National Dictionary Centre as our word of the year. 

It’s basically the sausage you eat on election day.


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This announcement has left us feeling a little confused, because aren’t ‘Democracy’ and ‘Sausage’ two separate words? 

It looks like compound words don’t matter, because Democracy Sausage is the term that beat ‘smashed avo’ and ‘census fail’ to define the year. 


Over July the hashtag #democracysausage trended on social media, so we guess hashtagging to make two words one pretty much solves the one word issue. Because, it’s #2016. 

We can now rest assured that our love of sausage sizzles has officially been acknowledged. 

I think we all knew that when this happened…

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