There’s a running joke about how we need to plug our mobile phones in so often these days, we may as well have a good old-fashioned landline instead. 

So when we heard that it looks like there’s one particular app to blame for running our beloved phones down, we had already set those little squares to shake, ready to nix the dud battery drainer.

Except, and you’re probably not going to like this very much, but the app you’d need to get rid of to boost your battery by a whopping 20 per cent is, more than likely, your favourite.

It’s Facebook.

While it has only been tested on Android phones so far, the evidence is pretty compelling; the whole argument was kicked off on Reddit a little while ago, and people quickly realised that what had started as a joke was actually working.

“Post-election I removed the Facebook app from my phone for sanity reasons … but it has also really improved my battery life,” one Twitter user wrote.


Tech World Zone also gave it a go, with the same result; giving Facebook and Facebook messenger the ol’ heave-ho can save you up to 20 per cent.

Think we’ll just stick to bringing a portable charger with us everywhere we go.

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