A mother has made a terrifying discovery in her infant daughter’s cot after finding a deadly brown snake slithering through the bedroom where her baby girl had only just been sleeping.

Aleisha Mitchley’s four-month-old daughter Sophie had been sleeping in the bedroom of their Gold Coast home just one hour before the snake was found.

Ms Mitchley told 9NEWS that she spotted the brown snake at the door of the bedroom and that it moved all around the room.

“I couldn’t believe it can climb, so it was climbing on through the window,” said Ms Mitchley. “It was up around the bassinet, in her cot, it was all over.”

Any person would be left rattled at finding a deadly snake in their house, but Ms Mitchley was left terrified at the thought of what would have happened if little Sophie had still been in the room.

“It was petrifying, I was very scared, I didn’t know what to do,” she continued. “I’m trying to reach for my phone and stop my son from trying to go see the snake. It was very scary.”


Experts have warned that snake season is well and truly upon us and to be vigilant as plenty of the reptiles will be out for their mating season.

“The males are on a mission to find a female and they’ll travel out in the open, across roads, people’s back yards, everything,” said Gold Coast snake catcher Tony Harrison to 9NEWS. “Their common sense goes out the window.”

If you or anyone you know happens to be bitten by a snake the Royal Flying Doctor Service advises that you stay calm and immobilised, firmly bandage the area and seek medical attention immediately.

Source: 9NEWS

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