The Prawn mask certainly put on an entertaining as HECK performance of Robbie Williams’ ‘Let Me Entertain You’ on The Masked Singer last night!

And so of course we were surprised to see the crustacean voted out at the end of the episode!

The one good thing about the Prawn getting the boot though, is that we got to see which celebrity was hiding behind that mask…

And low and behold, it was none other than Scottish actor Darren McMullen! Check out his performance from last night in the video above.


To say that we were shocked by how good he was at singing is a bit of an understatement!

We mean, we’ve seen Darren be an incredible actor on shows like SeaChange or House Husbands, and we’ve even seen him host singing show ‘The Voice’ in the past. But we never knew he could sing himself!

But it turns out that singing has actually been a massive passion of Darren’s for a long time.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning Darren told us that he’s actually looking at starting a career on broadway, despite having no experience singing on stage prior to The Masked Singer.

“I’ve actually always dreamed of broadway,” he said.

“I watch musical theatre all the time, guaranteed tear-jerker for me, Disney movies I know every single lyric, I knew Hamilton was coming to Australia and I’m like, I want to play King George in Hamilton, and then this came up and I was like I have to prove I can sing on stage.”


“You said on the show last night that you’ve never sung before!” Kyle replied.

“Well in the shower and in the car,” Darren replied. “Never to the public.”

“But I really want to do musical theatre and hopefully this can lead to that.”

Well you heard the man Hamilton casting agents! Sign the prawn… we mean Darren up!

Hear more from our chat with Darren McMullen in the video below!