Darren McMullen IS BACK!

After having hosted the first four seasons, McMullen has returned to ‘The Voice’ and joined Kyle and Jackie O to spill the tea on the upcoming season.

Darren confirmed that coaches – Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian, Kelly Rowland & Boy George – have a new ability during the blind auditions called “blocks”.

“You know that first bit where they’re pitching ‘to come on my team’… well they can actually block another coach this year… so they say, ‘this guy’s definitely gonna go Kelly, I’m gonna block Kelly so that she can’t even pitch’”, he revealed to Kyle and Jackie.

“Each coach gets two throughout the whole blind auditions… you can block anyone twice” and “you don’t know who blocks you”, the Scottish-Australian presenter then disclosed.

“What if everyone blocks just the one coach?”, Kyle pointed out.



“There was a bit of nastiness, bit of argy-bargy going on over the new block feature”, McMullen confessed.

And Jackie spoke for all of us when she said: “I wanna know who!”.

Darren also confirmed that they’ve already “filmed all the blind auditions and the battles”, but had to pull the pin before shooting a new elimination round: “the playoffs and the showdowns”.

It begs the questions, how will they finish the show without Kelly Rowland and Boy George who won’t be able to come to the country?

“I haven’t been briefed on anything yet and I think they have about eight different possibilities that they’re working with depending on how the laws are changing, which is happening pretty drastically… there’s definitely no live audience”, shared McMullen.

It could be another case of having to harness the power of Facetime, but the real question is… how will Boy George’s hat fit within the frame?


We’ll have to wait and see!

The new season of ‘The Voice’ starts on Sunday, May 24th and you can hear the full chat on the podcast below!

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