Just when you think you’re starting to understand the world, you come across a story like this.

The newest trend in Tokyo, apparently, is one that brings couples quite literally closer than they’ve ever been – and, presumably, ever will be.

Oh, and it nearly kills them in the process.

Young love, huh? So sweet.

Haruhiko Kawaguchi, a photographer from Japan, covers his subjects in lube – as you do – and then wraps them in plastic, real tight.

Then, he sucks all of the air out of the bag.


The results are pretty much half-and-half intriguing and creepy.

Kawaguchi only has four seconds to take his photos and has to have paramedics standing by in case something goes wrong, but that hasn’t stopped him from being totally inundated with requests from couples old and young who want him to take their picture.


“I decided to vacuum-pack couples as a way to show how close and in love they are,” Kawaguchi said. “At first I chat with the couples and tell them what will happen.

“A rehearsal is carried out without going into a bag at first. Then, they climb into the bag. It’s like assembling a puzzle.

“I suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner until there’s none left. This gives me four seconds to take the shot.”

Well you know what they say: The couple who vacuum-packs together stays together.


No-one – apparently – has been hurt during Kawaguchi’s process; while the couples have to hold their breath for about 10 seconds, the photographer has an assistant close by to open the bag at a moment’s notice, and keeps oxygen spray and gel in stock at all times.

Kawaguchi’s project has taken off so much that he’s now receiving commissions from newlyweds – who want him to shoot their wedding photos.

We cannot WAIT to see those pics…

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