When it comes to Australian sweetheart Dannii Minogue, she’s pretty much the Jack of all trades in the entertainment biz. Whether it’s singing, song-writing, acting, dancing, modelling, fashion designing, judging talent shows or presenting, there’s not really much that Dannii hasn’t done.

But before all of her success of course we all remember when the younger Minogue sister was first starting out in the industry as a youngster on Young Talent Time and first broke out in the acting world with her role on Aussie soap opera Home And Away.

And now it seems that there’s a possibility that Dannii could be heading back to her roots! While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning about her upcoming role as host on Seven’s Dance Boss, Dannii revealed that she would absolutely love to head back to Summer Bay!

“What about the rumours of you wanting to head back to Home and Away?” asked Jackie.

“I SO want to go back to Home and Away,” replied Dannii enthusiastically.


Dannii’s character Emma Jackson, who was known for her rebellious teenage ways and being a bit of a tomboy, first appeared on the Aussie drama back in 1989 before leaving the show about a year later.

Despite going on to achieve numerous other things in the entertainment world since leaving the TV Show that still runs on Channel Seven to this day, Dannii confirmed that she has been talking to producers about returning.

“So have you even contacted them? Has there been talks of it?” asked Jackie.

“Yeah there’s talks,” replied Dannii. “I mean, you know like we’re all in the same country and we’re all here.”

While Dannii admitted that she could only see her return as something that would be a short little stint on the show, or just simply “in and out” as she put it, she already has BIG ideas for where to take her character’s story line.

When Emma Jackson left Summer Bay back in 1990 she headed for sunny Brisbane. But if she were to come back, Dannii said that she would love to do something out of the box.


“I go through my mind like what would the story line be and what would the fans want me to do,” she explained. “I would like to do something really whacky though…I think something fun and weird.”

So what weird and whacky storyline does Dannii envision? Well, in true soap opera fashion it involves an evil twin.

“I was thinking I come back as as lost sister of Emma and I’m looking for her and I’m pissed off with her,” explained Dannii. “And so you get to play both characters, so you get to play Emma and the sister that wants to kill her.”

Sounds perfect for Home and Away if you ask us! But Kyle had some other ideas for the direction to take Dannii’s character and of course they’re not as PG as Dannii would’ve hoped!

Watch the video above to hear more from Dannii Minogue’s interview and find out exactly how Kyle thinks Emma Jackson should make her way back onto Home and Away.

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