Dannii Minogue has revealed the story of how she met Princess Diana, albeit briefly, in her youth.

Cast your minds back to the early 1990’s, Dannii had already found success as a pop star and was in London after being invited to perform at the Royal Command Performance.

She had to opportunity to perform for the late Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon in 1991 at a Children’s Royal Variety Performance. where she sang ‘Success.’

According to an interview given to News.com.au, it was around this time that Minogue, then just turned 20, met with Princess Diana.

Whilst Dannii couldn’t remember exactly what she said to the Princess, she does remember what she thought of her.

“She was very young. She was very nervous,” Minogue revealed to the publication.

“I remember looking at her thinking, ‘You look like you dressed up as a woman who’s 80 years old.’ It was really like she’d been styled by the queen’s mother,” the pop star said.


Dannii reveals that she thought it might have been one of Princess Diana’s first solo public engagements, however by 1991 Princess Diana had attended multiple engagements solo.

“She was just the little Princess Diana with the chin down, looking up at you. And I felt sorry for her because you could feel the nerves.”

And Diana, whilst renowned for her style, only really found it after her split with Charles in 1992.

Princess Diana, according to the publication, wasn’t listed as having attended the 1991 variety that Dannii mentioned, however, it was DECADES ago and maybe Minogue misremembered some dates.