We’re sure that lots of celebrities would have their own horror stories about the press, whether it be the paparazzi following their every move or a fake article being run about them.

Kyle and Jackie O can attest to this themselves.

But Dannii Minogue’s experience with a particular newspaper quite a few years ago now has left Kyle and Jackie completely shocked.

Joining the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, Dannii opened up about the terrifying ordeal which saw a journalist threaten to run a fake story about her, claiming that they had good authority that Dannii had the HIV virus.

“I’m in London, this is before phone hacking scandal came out but I’d always said to my friends I feel like I’m being watched and followed all the time,” Dannii began.

She explained that at the time, she had been working closely with an AIDS charity called the Terrence Higgens trust.

“We were doing a lot of work educating kids on how you contract AIDS, whats on offer now if you do get it, like how do you live with it, what’s your survival rate, all of that kind of stuff,” Dannii continued.


HIV is a sexually transmitted virus that can progress into AIDS if untreated. No cure exists for the virus and so once you have it, you have it for life.

Dannii felt it was an important charity to put her support behind so that people had all the facts about the disease, but she never thought that it was something that could be turned against her.

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“I come home one day and I go to the security desk and they’re like, ’There’s a bunch of flowers for you’, and I’m like, ‘Oh okay, it’s not my birthday there’s nothing special going on’,” she explained.

“And there was a note attached to it from a big daily newspaper saying, ‘We are running a story tomorrow saying you are HIV positive. We have very good information that you are’.


“I literally, my hands were shaking. I thought this cannot be true.”

Dannii told us that she was in such disbelief that her first thought was that someone was pulling prank on her. But she decided to call her manager to see if they could get to the bottom of it.

“I said, ‘Okay this is the letter we’ve got and I am not HIV positive but maybe my work with Terrence Higgens trust has made someone think. Can you please just contact them and clear it up?’,” she explained.

But it turns out that the newspaper didn’t think that Dannii’s own word was good enough proof and thought that their own source had more authority on the matter of Dannii’s health.

“She calls me back and says, ‘No they’re running with it because they said that the information that they have is better authority than you,” Dannii revealed.

“This is really pre-social media so I had no voice to have my say at all and I was just so confused… She [her manager] said they’re running it and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


Dannii’s next thought was that she had to try and prove that this story was false and so she called her doctor and immediately went to get a blood test, asking for the results to be rushed.

“He’s [the doctor] taking the blood and then delivered the HIV negative onto the paper’s desk and said, ‘You never had any authority on anything. This has come in the last hour’.

“And that’s the only way we stopped it.”

It’s unbelievable that Dannii’s own word wasn’t strong enough to stop the story in the first place and shocking that she had to physically prove that the story was fake.

Luckily Dannii appears to have recovered since the horrific experience, but told us that she still freaks out every time she sees a bunch of flowers now.

“Now every time I receive flowers I’m like… I’m scarred. Who’s the card from?” she laughed.


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