There’s been rumours circling that all is not one big happy family over on set of The Masked Singer.

Following the announcement that our very own Jackie O, Danni Minogue, Lindsay Lohan and Dave Hughes would be the judges, reports began surfacing that feuds were already appearing.

New Idea reported that Dannii was particularly unhappy with Lindsay Lohan over reports that she was going getting paid more to be a judge on the new show for Channel 10.

But according to Dannii, these reports are completely false! In fact, when we asked her about it on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, Dannii had nothing but kind words for Lindsay.

“I read that you didn’t like Lindsay and you had all these problems with her and you thought that she was no good,” Kyle said on air this morning.

“There’s just nothing else that backs it up,” Dannii said denying the claims. “Which kind of goes with most of…”

“The stories,” chimed in Kyle with a laugh.


“I just thought its brilliant that it’s in that magazine because people read that thinking, ‘Yeah right’,” Dannii added.

She went on to say that she’s had a great time filming with Lindsay and that she’s actually one of the nicest people that she’s ever met.

“We’ve had a great time, she’s a real girls girl,” she said. “Very generous, smart… She’s a real softy. And I think that’s where on top of that complete big heart she has to be protective because otherwise she’s just a big marshmallow.”

Jackie also reiterated Dannii’s thoughts here, telling us how nice Lindsay is to work with. In fact, Jackie revealed that Lindsay was actually bringing in gifts for her daughter Kitty and the other staff members.

“You’re so right, she’s so generous and thoughtful and kind to everyone on set,” Jackie said.


“She came in the other day and she brought Kitty a little cake and you know she’s giving beers to the crew… She’s just greenly thoughtful.”

Rumours have also circled claiming that Hughesy had a feud with Lindsay but Jackie previously disputed this on air, telling everyone that this was nothing more than a misunderstanding.

Looks like everything is fine and dandy on set of The Masked Singer! So don’t believe everything that you read…

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