Daniel Radcliffe,  the love and light of my life, has come out to say that the role of Harry Potter turned him into an alcoholic.

This is something that probably doesn’t surprise anyone at all?

The pressure of being the most famous kid in the world has done worse to better people.

He told the BBC the main source of his anxieties came from thoughts on what to do with his life after the series was over.

“A lot of drinking that happened towards the end of Potter and for a little bit after it finished…it was a panic…a little bit of not knowing what to do next…not being comfortable enough in who I was to remain sober”

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released in 2001 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released in 2011. 

That is 10 years and almost a half of his life being Harry Potter. 


He’s been attempting to sober up since 2010 and has been clean since 2013.

Congratulations Dan <3

Love ya and love ya choices.