Daniel Maguire, one of the international intruders on Bachelor In Paradise Australia may have only been on the island for one day, but in that time he managed gain the nickname ‘Douchebag Daniel’ and put the rumour that all Canadians are super friendly to shame.

When Daniel rocked up to paradise with an ego bigger than his luggage, his cockiness was immediately apparent. Let’s do a quick recap shall we?

  • Instead of saying hi to Jarrod and shaking his hand, he made fun of his sunburn
  • His first comment to the other men was that he was going to steal their women
  • And speaking of the women that he treats like objects, he spent his whole date with Nina staring at her boobs and telling her that he was a “naughty boy”
  • A casual convo with Keira turned into him telling her he would have sex with her then and there
  • And he was just so damn up himself saying things like, “I’m a f**kin’hot commodity, eh? Damn! It feels good.”

We could seriously go on with these examples for the entire article but that’s not what we’re really here to talk about. What we want to discuss is WHY Douchebag Daniel (it’s just got a good ring to it) thought it would be a good idea to act this way on national TV.

And well, this is exactly what came up when he spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning after he obviously didn’t receive a rose on last night’s episode.

Well it turns out Daniel wasn’t in Fiji to find love (shock horror), but to give Australia a show that’s entertaining.

“Obviously some of the comments aren’t loved by a lot of people,” said Daniel on air with Kyle and Jackie. “I always thought to myself, ‘if I ever get on TV I would make sure I’m entertaining’, I don’t care at any extent.”


Of course, like any good ol’ Bachelor/Bachelorette villain, Daniel did put some of his appearance down to some serious editing by producers. But ultimately, he did say “I always wanted to be entertaining, good or bad, laugh with me or against me.”

Well unfortunately Daniel your “entertaining” approach to paradise didn’t sit too well with the girls and Daniel, you did not receive a rose…

Bachelor In Paradise continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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