Music duo Dan and Shay have certainly worked with some big names during their time in the industry!

Not only are we all obsessed with their new long song at the moment with Justin Bieber but they’re currently touring around Australia with our celeb crush Shawn Mendes. They’ve even had Keith Urban play guitar for them on one of their tracks!

But we reckon their coolest collab to date has got to be their one to do with the Jonas Brothers!

Now Dan and Shay didn’t write a song with the boy group. Nor did they perform alongside them somewhere.

No this collab was much, MUCH more unique! Dan and Shay were actually asked to perform at Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s secret wedding in Las Vegas earlier this year!


The pair joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning for a chat when they told us all about the wedding day and how it came about.

“That was awesome! That was kind of impromptu,” Dan told us this morning.

Joe and Sophie’s first wedding took place in Las Vegas right after the Billboard Music Awards and was leaked after Diplo streamed it on Instagram live.

Dan and Shay had been performing at the awards when suddenly they got the call for a second performance at the famous couple’s secret wedding!

“We were performing on the Billboard Music Awards out in Las Vegas which is pretty crazy to begin with and the guys, the Jonas Brothers as we call them, our friends… Nick, Joe and Kevin they texted us on a group,” Dan continued.

“They were like, ‘Hey, there’s going to be an impromptu wedding after the Billboard awards and we literally had no details and then they asked us to sing and we were like, ‘Of course we would sing at this wedding’.”


Dan told us that the ceremony took place in a little white chapel with none other than an Elvis impersonator as the officiant – because hello it’s vegas.

“Didn’t Diplo or someone film it by mistake?” Kyle asked.

“I wouldn’t say by mistake,” Shay laughed. “It was very on purpose.”

“I think he got in trouble for that. I don’t think there were supposed to be cell phones,” Dan added.

But Dan and Shay certainly weren’t mad about word getting out there because news of them performing at the secret ceremony actually made them blow up in the media!

“It was kind of cool for us though because our name blew up in the press articles and stuff right after like, ‘Dan and Shay spotted at Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Wedding’ and we were like ‘Oh no please don’t say that! Just tag our Instagram, please follow us’ you know.”


And now look at them! Dan and Shay are currently in Australia touring with Shawn Mendes and they’ll be playing in Sydney at Qudos Bank Arena this weekend!

Hear more from our chat with Dan and Shay in the video above!

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