WARNING: The below video contains words that some people may find offensive. 

Brad Hudson is a father looking out for adopted African American daughter. 

He says that over the years he has dealt with a fair bit of racism. But something happened recently that pushed him over the edge. 

Two brothers were sending bullying, racist snapchats to his daughter. When finally a particularly awful snapchat video was brought to his attention he knew he would do everything he could to stop the bullying. He would not let his daughter become another suicide statistic. 

In the video he says, “I have a beautiful African American daughter who I love more than life itself and would do anything for her”. 

When referring to the boys who bullied his daughter and the father of these boys he said, “I can’t believe there are individuals like this alive”. 

Check out the video below to see how one dad brought his own justice down on racism. 


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