Not too long ago we were watching Cyrell Paule walk down the aisle to marry a man she’d never met before on Channel Nine’s hit reality show Married At First Sight.

But while things didn’t work out with Cyrell and her onscreen hubby Nic, just a few months later things are already getting serious within her new relationship.

Not long ago it was revealed that she was dating Love Island cast member Eden Dally and just recently the pair have confirmed that they are now expecting a baby together.

Cyrell and Eden joined Kyle and Jackie O to chat all about the pregnancy this morning, revealing that it did come as quite a shock.

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When u get paid 2k to have a baby 🤣

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“When I found out I was with my girlfriend and honestly I was rocking back and forward,” Cyrell said. “I actually ended up with three pregnancy tests because I couldn’t believe the first one.”

“I was shocked,” Eden added. “I was happy. I’ve always wanted to have a baby but I wasn’t expecting it to be so soon.”

One thing that Kyle wanted to know was whether Cyrell’s ex, Nic had reached out since the baby news was made public. After all, the pair have been through a LOT together.

Turns out that he had and actually congratulated Cyrell and Eden on the happy news.

“Did Nic reach out and say congratulations?” Kyle asked.


“Do you know the truth, yeah he did,” Cyrell replied.

“He reached out and said congratulations,” Eden added.

As for whether Cyrell is planning to get married, for real this time, the pair said that they are just focusing on having a healthy baby for now.

“Is there a wedding on the cards? What’s the plan?” Kyle asked.

“Nah, as I said the baby was unexpected and that’s a blessing always to have a child and um, but a wedding, not on the cards,” Eden told us.

“We want to focus more on being like good parents first before anything,” Cyrell added.


Despite the news coming as quite a shock, it seems the pair a pretty excited! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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