Cynthia Nixon is a proud mum. 

The 52 year old posted to social media praising her eldest son on his graduation from the University of Chicago this month. 

But she also took the time to say how proud she was of Seph to mark the Trans Day Of Action.

Seph (Samuel Joseph Mozes), 21, was born Samantha Mozes. This is the first time that the actress has publically commented on her son’s gender identity.

Cynthia Nixon has three children – Seph and Charles, 15, with former husband Danny Mozes, and Max,7, with Cynthia’s current partner Christine Marinoni. 


As well as Trans Day Of Action, New York celebrated Gay Pride weekend over the weekend. 

Cynthia and Christine both took part in the annual Gay Pride walk in NYC and attended a range of functions to support the cause. 

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