If you grew in the 90s, no doubt one of the biggest disappointments of your life was when Geri left the Spice Girls.

What a horrifying day that was. Our hearts could only begin to be mended once we heard that 20 years later, the girls dropped that news only a few months ago, and though they will get betting back together for a special reunion.

Recently Mel B, Geri and Emma (aka Scary, Ginger and Baby) got together for a cute little reunion filled with wine and cake and showed us how they seem to have gotten better with age! Victoria Beckham and Mel C (Posh and Sporty) were noticeably absent, after announcing they wouldn’t be reuniting with their former bandmates for the reunion. 

Emma took to Instagram to share a glimpse into their night of bonding.

@emmaleebunton @officialmelb -kitchen disco

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“On a Friday night all you need is tea, cake, wine and friendship! #girlpower,” she captioned one Boomerang, which showed her holding up a heart-emblazoned ‘Mummy’ mug, Mel B pretending to guzzle a bottle of red wine, and Halliwell holding a thick piece of cake up to her lips.

The three girls last gave fans a look inside their mini-reunion in July when they announced they would be officially reuniting for their 20th anniversary.

On a Friday night all you need is tea, cake, wine and friendship! #girlpower

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At the time, the singers revealed they would be creating their own group, GEM (Geri, Emma, Mel), since Beckham and Mel C hadn’t signed on to participate.


However, it is believed they will be sticking to the Spice Girls brand.

Source: Famous Live

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