Back To The Future officially turned 30 this week and fans were out in full force to celebrate. 

The top grossing film off 1985 still has such a cult following that they managed to pack out Hollywood Bowl for a screening of the movie – complete with the Los Angeles Philharmonic performing the score live. 

The 17,000 strong crowd was one of the largest audiences gathered in one place to watch a movie ever. 

While the movie would not be released in Australia until August, it was shown to American audiences from the 3rd of July 1985, amassing close to $US400 million worldwide – over $AU500 million.

Some of the original cast were at the screening including Lea Thompson (Marty McFly’s mother) and Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown). 

“It really is an amazing event,” Thompson told AAP backstage before the screening.


“It’s very lovely that people still want to celebrate our work and this movie.

“Michael and I had an automatic chemistry all the way through (the making of the film) … that was constantly alive, and it was wonderful.” 

While Michael J Fox was unable to attend the screening, being based on the East Coast while also battling Parkinson’s disease, but it is expected that he will attend other celebrations for the movie later in the year. 

Rumours are also circulating that a special event will be held on October 21, 2015 – the date Marty is sent to in Back to The Future II!

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