Is your face beetroot-red and shiny? Do you sweat with apprehension every time someone asks you about the state of your career? Do you keep a trademark Akubra close at all time in case of dire emergency press conferences?

This is criteria asked on a Craigslist advertisement yesterday searching for candidates for a new film surrounding the never ending saga of ex Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

But this isn’t going to be your average political film. No, in fact this story is going to be told with an x-rated twist as the ad was actually posted by a “semi-experienced” pornographer with the hopes of creating a PORNO about the Barnaby Joyce affair.

That’s right, they’re literally looking for Barnaby Joyce and Viki Campion lookalikes to give the world an intimate glimpse into the Barna-baby conception.

And while people might’ve been a tad embarrassed to admit their physical similarities to the ex-deputy PM before, it actually PAYS big time for you to be loud and proud about it now! The pornography team are willing to pay the willing actor $8000-$12000 to take part in the adult film!

Now if you take your memory back to Halloween last year, our very own Intern Pete showed off his uncanny likeness to Barnaby with his impressive costume at Kyle and Imogen’s Halloween party.


And so of course we just HAD to call up the director and producer of the upcoming film, Lukas and Colin, to offer Pete up as a potential candidate.

“Have you heard of Intern Pete?” asked Beau Ryan, who was filling in for a sick Kyle this morning. “He’s done a fair bit of Barnaby Joyce lookalikes and he looks exactly like him.”

“Yeah he dressed up as Barnaby Joyce for Kyle’s Halloween party and he nailed it,” added Jackie.

But the pair of porno creators had other ideas to pitch while they were on the show.

“We were thinking maybe Kyle,” said Colin. “Kyle would be good, if he loses a bit of weight he could be good.”


We don’t think you’ll be able to get King Kyle on board to impersonate Barnaby fellas but Beau Ryan thought Kyle might make a good Vikki!

“As Barnaby or Vikki?” asked Beau. “We’re looking at a cross dress here form Kyle’s halloween party.”

But in all seriousness Lukas and Colin are looking for serious candidates to help them create what they think will be the porno of the century…So if you’re brave enough hit them up via their ad!

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