It was supposed to be a romantic date night watching a light-hearted comedy film at the local cinema but it quickly turned into a scene out of a horror movie after one couple got more than they were bargaining for in their snacks.

The Queensland couple had gone to see Crazy Rich Asians at a cinema in Morayfield when they purchased a box of popcorn to snack on during the film.

And while the buttery, movie popcorn is usually arguably the best part of going to the movies, we have no doubt that Shaun Walsh and Caitlin Rose will never eat popcorn again after they found literal COCKROACHES inside the box.

And what’s worse…the pair had actually been EATING the popcorn before they realised that multiple creepy crawlies were hiding inside.

“We were in there for an hour, the missus was eating the popcorn, she put it down on the seat next to her,” said Mr Walsh to Yahoo7 News.

In a post to Facebook, Shaun then said that they felt something moving inside the popcorn.


“I was trying to enjoy a movie with my partner in birch Carroll and Coyle in moray field when movement was felt within my popcorn which made my partner jump from her seat,” he wrote. “Once light was shed on the situation the source of the movement became evident…”

After turning on a torch, the couple’s worst nightmare was revealed. But there wasn’t just the one roach inside their movie snack. The couple said that they saw at least 8 of the disgusting creatures in and around the popcorn carton.

The couple left the box of popcorn and moved to the other side of the cinema to stick out the film before approaching staff at the Event Cinema at the Birch Carroll and Coyle in Morayfield.

“They initially threw a couple of tickets at me. I didn’t feel that was sufficient,” said Mr Walsh. “They have tried to swap it under the carpet, as if to say ’shut up, here’s four movie tickets.”

After sharing his story and images of the disgusting incident on social media, Mr Walsh said that Event cinemas contacted him asking what sort of compensation he was after.

“If they give me a year’s worth of movie tickets, whatever, I won’t be going back there again,” continued Mr Walsh. We don’t blame him on that front!


“They need to sort out their pest control, they weren’t small so they had obviously been there a while. We had both eaten some…my missus still feels sick at the thought of it. For $40 you don’t expect 10 cockroaches.”

As for how the roaches ended up in the popcorn, Mr Walsh said that he believed they had crawled down the curtain in the cinema and into the box.

A BCC Cinema spokesperson has since released a statement saying that they are aware of the incident and have contacted the affected customer to sort out the situation with them personally. 

“Management at BCC Morayfield are aware of the incident regarding the alleged discovery of pests within one box of popcorn. 

“We have regular and stringent pest control measures in pace which has not recorded any evidence of pests at this sit. We’ve also taken extra pracaution and had additional fumigation experts attend the site again today. Today’s assessment also demonstrated no evidence of any pests at this site. In addition our fumigation experts believe the alleged pests are not reflective of the climate or geography at this time. 

“Furthermore, we have received no feedback from any other customers relating to pests, either since the incident occurred or beforehand. 


“We have been in regular contact with the customer as we take this situation seriously, and can confirm as endorsed by our fumigation experts, there are no pest issues at this site.”

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