Technology is amazing, isn’t it? We can find our way out of anywhere, find our lost car, instantly share photos with the world – and even try on virtually try on things from engagement rings, to cosmetics.

So what if I told you that technology has gone one step further?

The Daily Mail reports that soon we may be able to detect cancerous cells in blood or tissue samples, as well as infections from HIV and Ebola using digital diffraction diagnosis, or D3.

The technique uses microscopic beads, which bind to any cancerous cells present, and effectively changing how light is scattered through the sample and can be detected using the camera on the smartphone like an iPhone.

There’s a whole long scientific explanation, but all you really need to know is that this test could be life changing.

The results of the test, which would cost $1.80 can be sent to the central computer for analysis via the smartphone app and received in under 45 minutes and could be integral in catching the disease early.


Source: The Daily Mail

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