The annual Eurovision song contest went down over the weekend, and despite Kyle and Jackie O’s efforts to put together a voting treaty with our friends in Ireland, Australia didn’t really do all too well.

Our girl Jessica Mauboy performed her absolute heart out and managed to snag a spot in the grand final, but unfortunately she ended up coming 20th in the competition overall with her song ‘We Got Love’.

But instead of dwelling on that fact, it’s time to brush ourselves off and start prepping for our performance next year. Kyle and Jackie O already have some ideas floating around.

Hot off the heels of Peking Duk’s performance in Sydney over the weekend Kyle and Jackie spoke to Reuben, one of the guys from the DJ group, and asked if they would consider representing Australia next year with one of their epic performances.

“Now are you guys ready to go on the Eurovision tour next year?” asked Kyle, not so much asking if they would do it but more so suggesting that it’s a thing that has to happen.


And Reuben’s reaction was priceless! Find out what he said in the video above.

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