Let’s be honest, no matter how much we dis the likes of Twilight, we still secretly love it.

Sure, the books may not have been ground breaking and the movies… well yeah.

BUT, there’s something about sparkly vampire love that had (and has) our hearts’ fluttering.

Now there’s a new series getting a big screen makeover, and it looks like it’s going to do the same thing.

Already, the adaptation of Lauren Kate’s popular Young Adult book series, Fallen, is being called the next Twilight and when you watch the trailer you’ll understand why.

WATCH the trailer for Fallen below…

About a 17-year-old girl who is blamed for the death of her boyfriend, Fallen follows Lucinda ‘Luce’ Price as she is sent to reform school where she finds herself in a love triangle and learns that there are such things as angels.

Young girl, sent away, supernatural love triangle – it’s easy to understand where the comparisons come from!


While there’s no word yet on a release date, according to IMBD it is scheduled for release in Singapore and Thailand this November.

At least it gives us enough time to read the books first!

h/t Mashable

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