A 59-year-old man has been slammed for penning a sexist how-to guide, teaching people how to convince their partners to get breast implants.

Ivan LeCasque’s book, The Convince Her To Get Bigger Breasts Manual, claims to have saved marriages – and staggeringly, over 3500 copies of the manual have been sold.

LeCasque considers himself an expert on the subject, having convinced three successive ex-girlfriends to go under the knife, and his current girlfriend Victoria – who helped him write the book – has gone from a 26D to a 26K since they’ve been together.

Displaying some truly archaic viewpoints, Victoria said, “I think it’s wrong for women not to pander to their men. If they feel like their husbands prefer blondes, I think you should be blonde… Why not give into their fantasies and desires? It’s really a fairly easy surgery and not expensive, so why not?”

…because firstly, breast implants cost thousands of dollars and are actually far from cheap – and secondly, whatever happened to women making choices for themselves and not for men?

The book’s website claims that many men are “much, much happier” due to its existence, and encourages men to “live on a higher level of excitement” by “adding the intoxicating possibility of your wife or girlfriend ALSO being your living fantasy”.


No thank you.

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