Conrad Sewell joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning when he responded to the harsh criticism that he received for his performance of the National Anthem at the AFL grand final this year.

Following his performance at the Melbourne Cricket Ground a few weeks ago, AFL fans were quick to express their opinions on Twitter.

“That was a ghastly national anthem! #AFL,” wrote one fan.

“Of all the ways to perform the national anthem…” said another.

Speaking about the backlash with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, he said he couldn’t understand why people were so nasty.

“I know I copped sh*t for my performance,” Conrad said.


“They would just like prefer to focus on the negative and it’s kind of, it’s annoying because you get off stage and you try your best and you’re always going to cop some kind of sh*t,” he added.

Of course not all of the comments were negative. In fact, a lot of comments actually praised Conrad’s incredible voice. But sometimes it is hard to see past the negativity.

Conrad admitted that while it’s hard to read all of the negative comments, he’s learnt over his years in the industry to develop a thick skin because you’re never going to be able to completely escape the trolls.

“You’ve got to have a thick skin in this industry you know. I cop sh*t all the time but that’s like, who gives a f*ck. You know when you’re good and when you’re not.”

Kyle and Jackie couldn’t really understand why Conrad had been trolled for his National Anthem performance, which was done without any backing music. Not only was he GOOD, but things could have been much worse!

Take Fergie for example… We all remember the time she tried to turn the American National Anthem into a sultry, bluesy tune! You’ve got to admire her courage to do so, but even so it was kind of cringe…


If you need a refresher, listen in the video above! We decided to play a snippet for Conrad this morning to make him feel bettie about his own performance. And it sure worked!

“Mine wasn’t that sh*t!” he laughed.

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