If you’re going to be creating music, you’ve got to have something to write and sing about. Thats the silver lining that Conrad Sewell is taking from a rather dark period in his life that saw him being out being reckless and partying out of control.

While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, the singer that first burst onto the music scene after performing the vocals in Kygo’s song ‘Firestone’, opened up about the cold heart truth behind his recent struggle with substance abuse and how it affected his career.

“You know what the industry is like, my management changed, my label in America was sort of unsure what to go with, and then on top of that I was a drug addict, alcoholic and I was not there mentally in the right place to put it [music] out,” revealed Conrad.

“I’m the kind of person that I have one beer and then two days later I’m lying to everyone and being a d*ckhead and it’s just not me. I’m the polar opposite person. I’m like mother Theresa when I don’t have a drink and then when I do I’m the devil.”

Conrad had started out as a very promising artist, releasing a number of solo songs throughout the year’s after ‘Firestone’ but his partying nature quickly took a toll on his career, having not actually released a song for about two years now.


Conrad’s addiction to alcohol and drugs actually affected all walks of his life including his relationships. He revealed to Kyle and Jackie that his behaviour caused relationship breakdowns with various girlfriends and this was actually the inspiration behind his two recent songs.

“Girlfriend’s for sure, I mean it can’t not, it seeps into everything,” said Sewell. “I’ve got an eye for a beautiful woman, and that’s where Healing Hands came from, I always picked such angels and then by the end of it they’re like, still love me, but just I can’t watch you ruin yourself anymore.

“And that’s when I wrote Healing Hands and Come Clean, those first two songs we put out, that’s what it’s all about.”

Thankfully, Conrad appears to have seen the light and is on the mend. In fact, he revealed to Kyle and Jackie that after seeking help underlying heavily on the support of family and friends, he has managed to remain sober for a month now.

“Just over a month,” said Conrad when Jackie asked how long he’d been clean for. “It’s a struggle I’m dealing with…everyone has their own demons and I don’t know what stage of my journey I’m at.”

But it’s only upward from here. Not only will Conrad Sewell be touring Australia later this year in September hot off the heels of his new songs, but he will also be performing at the TV week Logie Awards on the Gold Coast on July 1.


And with a voice like his we have no doubt that more amazing things will be in store for him soon after. We can’t wait to see what you do next Conrad Sewell!

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