Ready to binge watch another season of Sex Education?

Well you’d better be because a third season has just been announced of the hit Netflix show!

The announcement was made on the Sex Education social accounts with a video of Alistair Petrie who plays Principal Groff on the show, only in this video he’s taking on the role of an art historian.

He walks through the halls of Moordale High School as he talks about various paintings on the walls that depict characters from the show and various things like sexuality, arousal and fertility.

Finally he comes to a picture of Eric and Adam and calls it “the piece de resistance”.

“I wonder what is in store for these two cherubs,” Groff continues. “Well, I suppose you’ll have to find out in season three, won’t you?”


There’s no word yet on when we’ll see the third season of Sex Education but all it says is that it’s coming! Hopefully sooner rather than later…

Sex Education is the series on Netflix that follows teens in Morale High School as they try to navigate their sexual curiosities and conundrums.

You can watch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix now!

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