We’ve heard some strange confessions over our time doing the segment Confession Booth on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

There was the guy who confessed to being the Phantom farter at his work and of course the bludging student who had been stealing his mum’s money to buy alcohol.

But today’s confession was by far the craziest one we’ve heard so far!

Christian joined us on the air this morning all the way from the US after hearing about the segment and told us that he had something pretty embarrassing to confess to his sister.

And it basically sounded like a scene straight out of American Pie! You know that famous scene we’re talking about in the first film with the actual apple pie… Only this time it was a pumpkin!

Anyway, Christian told us that one year around Halloween time he found a pumpkin that his parents had bought with the likely intention of carving it into a Jack-O-Lantern.

His family had gone to the markets in order to buy a pumpkin carving kit leaving Christian home alone.


And basically, just like in the American Pie film, Christian had his way with said pumpkin. Or as he so eloquently chose to describe it, “I busted a nut in a pumpkin”.

When his family returned Christian had disposed of the pumpkin and played dumb when they asked him where the vegetable had disappeared to.

To this day, Christian’s family still didn’t know what had happened that one October day… And so he chose to confess it to his sister on air with Kyle and Jackie O this morning!

It’s safe to say that she was DISGUSTED!

Listen to the Confession Booth in the video above!

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