Recently, Kyle and Jackie O caught up with comedian Russell Peters.

He’s promoting his new show, and making no apologies for it. During the chat, the guys covered what happens when certain countries ask Russell to ‘tone it down’ to fit a more conservative country.

‘It depends where you are, sometimes in the Middle East I might have to, they’re like, ‘can you tone down the sex stuff?’ I’m like, well…’

‘But do you? Because a lot of people won’t tone it down, they’re like take it or leave it…’ Jackie asked.

‘Well that’s what I’m like, take it or leave it!’

Russell then went on to please Kyle, agreeing with him that Indians are definitely the best lovers in the world, this is of course homage to Kyle’s bedroom character, Abdulo.

‘Well when I say all Indians, I mean me.’



You can see Russell Peters at Quodos Bank Arena on February 8th. For tickets head to