It’s the simple things in life. 

Ethan Scott is your regular guy, although he does suffer from being colour blind. 

He states that he doesn’t see the world in black and white it is just a duller colour spectrum – especially when it comes to the colours pink, green and especially purple. 

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A very generous friend of his, James, decided to give him a special gift. 

A new form of technology, Enchroma glasses, give people who are colour blind the opportunity to see the world as we see it. 

Full of vibrant colours. 


While this may seem like a simple, non-event to most of us, for Ethan just seeing his office and everyday environment in the new light was overwhelming. 

Watch him discover the colour purple for the first time, and appreciate the vibrancy of the environment around him from grass and flowers to post it notes. 

You can’t help but feel for him as he goes on this journey from initially not knowing what the glasses do… to being almost in tears over the discovery. 

WARNING: There is some explicit language throughout this video.