Supermarket giant Coles is preparing for a customer backlash after introducing a ban on shopping trolleys from some of it’s check-outs.

The new initiative is being trialled in some stores, with staff members in select stores telling shoppers they could no longer take a trolley into the self-serve are.

A Coles spokeswoman told the ban was designed to “ease congestion”.

“Assisted check-outs are a preferred choice of checkout for many customers and offer convenience and efficiency in their shopping experience,” the spokeswoman said.

“To improve service to customers and ease congestion, in a small number of stores we are accepting baskets only through the assisted check-outs.”

“Team members are available to serve customers with trolleys in the main lane registers, and if there is not one vacant the store can open a register to assist customers with their shopping.”

The ban has attracted criticism online, forcing a moderator of the Coles Facebook account to confirm a ban was in place in certain locations.


“We understand a speedy checkout experience is important to our customers and all of our stores are required to monitor weekly and daily customer volumes to ensure we have enough team members rostered on,”

“Trolleys are usually not taken through our assisted check-outs to assist with customer flow … the bans on trolleys in our assisted check-outs are different store to store and can change depending on customer flows”.

This move comes after Coles controversial plastic bag ban, which made headlines earlier this year.

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