While Coles customers are used to be being told their prices are going ‘Down, Down,’ it’s now their product range which is suffering from the same fate. 

The supermarket giant is set to slash the number of products on its shelves by 10 to 15 per cent over the next two to three years. 

The reality is more of the products we know and love may also disappear, to make way for Coles’ own-brand equivalents. 

Coles Managing Director, John Durkan, views the move as a positive one, saying previous reductions in product lines had been crucial for delivering efficiency and productivity gains throughout the supply chain. 


“But of course we have to do it in the right. We’ll do it very carefully, category by category, on a store-by-store basis,” he said. 

Despite the cut, Coles still heavily out ranks Aldi in the number of products it stocks by over 20,000. 

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