Remember the madness that ensued in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Willy Wonka announced that he would release a limited number of Golden Tickets to his Wonka factory?

Well it looks like this is something we can expect to see in Coles stores very soon after the supermarket giant announced that they had released an extremely rare and limited edition item to the highly popular Little Shop Collectables.

The item up for grabs is a little version of the Coles Red Hands, ya know the ones from their very annoying but highly catchy ‘Down down, prices are down’ ads, and it’s sent obsessed parents and kids alike into a frenzy!

For those unaware, the Coles Little Shop Collectables have been causing hysteria all over the country! The campaign sees shoppers rewarded with tiny versions of products such as tim-tams, teabags and bananas for every $30 spent at in store.

Some insiders may know this already, but we were all under the impression that 30 miniature versions of the mini grocery items were available to collect. However, we’re now being told that there’s one more item out there! So everyone who thought they had the whole set, think again!


The Red Hand mini is the most rare item on offer with only 1000 of the suckers out there available to collect. And what’s even better, they’re SPARKLY and glow in the dark!

The rarity of the item makes it incredibly enticing to those busily collecting all of the mini items but it’s not the only tempting feature. Customers who manage to get their hands on the Red Hand are eligible to receive a $100 gift card to spend in store!

But if you’re on the hunt for one of the extremely rare items for your collection, we must warn you that a Coles representative has told us that as of this morning, 334 of the Red Hands had been claimed so far, meaning that there’s less than 700 out there!

The Little Shop collectables have been sending people crazy online with some trying to swap their items or purchase the ones they need for big bucks.


With some complete sets being flogged online for $1000 we wonder just how much the Red Hands will go for? That is if people are even willing to sell them at all!

Good luck in finding one shoppers!

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