While we’ve been seeing weather almost worthy of an Australian Summer in recent days we’re being told that the rest of the week and this weekend is going to be a different story.

So if you’re already planning your beach trip for Saturday or Sunday, we’re very sorry but those plans are about to be ruined…

Weatherzone meteorologist Angus McLean-Smith told 9 News that temperatures are set to be around the low to mid 20s for a number of days and in multiple areas across New South Wales and Victoria.

Cold Snap Coming To Sydney This Weekend

“This week we’re going to be seeing through NSW and Melbourne some cloud and rain,” said Mr McLean-Smith.

“we’re going to see that system pass during the week leading into (the weather) being a bit cooler on Saturday and then move off quite a bit before it will continue to heat up again on Sunday.

“(The cooler weather) will linger during the week.”


While the past weekend seemed to have a mini heatwave hit Sydney, we’re only due to see a maximum of 25 degrees each day until Friday, with mostly cloud cover and an increased chance of rain each day.

Thing will then turn a little chilly over the weekend with temperatures expected to drop as low as 15 on Saturday and Sunday.

So don’t put away your jumpers and brolly’s just yet Sydney! We’re not done with the cold and wet weather just yet.

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