We love a good Cash For Comment segment on the Kyle and Jackie O Show and this morning’s one couldn’t have gone any better!

Seriously, if you ever want to find out the latest celeb goss then ask for celebrity parents to call up and prove that they’re that celeb’s parent. It worked a TREAT for us!

Basically the way Cash for Comment works is that we ask for certain people to call up and convince us that they are who they say they are. If they are convincing enough, even if they’re lying through their teeth, they win some cash.

Today we asked for anyone who is the parent of someone famous to call up and someone who ended up calling through was a woman who claimed to be Cody Simpson’s mum, Angie Simpson.

In order to prove that Angie was who she says she is, we asked her some pretty in-depth questions about Cody’s whirlwind romance with Miley Cyrus.

“I’m Angie Simpson, I’m Cody Simpson’s mum,” Angie told us on air this morning.


And let us preface this by saying it WAS actually Angie Simpson on the phone, so all of the deets she told us were in fact true!

First Angie opened us about a reality TV deal that she had done that eventually fell through, in order to prove who she was.

“I actually was contracted to do the Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Angie revealed. “I filmed a couple of episodes with my friend at the time Yolanda Hadid but unfortunately my Visa didn’t go through… It wasn’t meant to be.”

With Angie’s story proving legit, we then decided to ask her about Cody’s relationship with Miley Cyrus – which is definitely the hot topic of the celeb world at the moment.

When asked what she thought about her son’s relationship with the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer, Angie said that she loves the entire Cyrus family. She also confirmed that Cody and Miley had somewhat of a romantic relationship a few years ago… No biggie!


“I love Miley and I love the family,” she told us. “We’ve known them for quite a while, my daughter Allie was very good friends with Miley’s sister Noah so we travelled around on the road a lot with the two of them working together over the years.

“We kind of got to know them when Cody and Miley had a bit of a romance way back that we kept secret.”

We then asked Angie about Cody and Miley’s extreme PDA on Instagram and what she thought about some of those NSFW images i.e. the one with Miley’s hand down Cody’s pants…

Turns out she doesn’t care in the slightest. In fact, she says she reposted the image to her own account! (We’d be so embarrassed if our mum ever did this wouldn’t you..?)


“I actually reposted it because I just think it’s so funny. I just like to go with the flow and accept the two of them and I think that they’re doing it just for a bit of fun,” Angie told us.

“They’re like two peas in a pod. We were just on FaceTime to them this morning,” she added, revealing that the pair are currently holidaying in Nashville together.


Angie also cleared up a rumour that was going around when Cody was in Australia, when he was reportedly overheard on the phone talking about an argument that he’d had with Miley.

“There was no drama with Miley,” she said, claiming that the only issue was when Lindsay Lohan made comments about his relationship with Miley following The Masked Singer.

So how serious is this relationship? We asked Angie if marriage could be on the cards for Cody and Miley…


“It’s early days,” Angie said. “Ive just told him, I just love to see them happy and said, ‘Enjoy the ride. Take it slow’.

“She’s a lovely girl and like any relationship they’ve got to test the time and we’ll see what happens.”


Of course, Miley has only just come out of a marriage with Liam Hemsworth, but you never know what could happen in the future for her and Cody.

We sure hit the jackpot with this Cash for Comment!

Hear the full Cash for Comment segment in the podcast below!