Cody Simpson isn’t just the newly crowned winner of The Masked Singer Australia but he’s also in a fairly new relationship with the one and only Miley Cyrus.

In case you’ve been on some sort of social media detox, you’ll have seen the many selfies, videos and messages being shared between the pair on Instagram. But apart from what we see on Insta, not too much is known about how the pair actually got together. That is until now!

Fresh off his win on The Masked Singer last night, Cody joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show when he opened up about his relationship with Miley.

From what we can gather, this is more than just a fling following Miley’s marriage breakdown. In fact, Cody really couldn’t stop gushing about his “girlfriend” – yes, we quote, GIRLFRIEND – Miley Cyrus.

“You’re in love? This is a hot, heavy romance?” Kyle asked Cody this morning.

“Love is a big word but you know, its romantic,” Cody told us.


While it’s early days on the relationship front, Cody and Miley have actually known each other for a long time. In fact, he told us this morning that he might have had a bit of a crush on her during her Disney days.

“I used to kiss the TV screen when I was like nine,” Cody laughed. “I think we were interested in each other ever since we first met, even when I was like 18 but it was like not the right time.”

“We’ve just been close ever since we met. It’s like the first time I’ve been with someone that it wasn’t necessarily an immediate romance. It was a friendship and it was fun and it just developed over like five years.”

So how did Cody make his way out of the friend-zone? He told us how the romance actually started in the past few weeks.

“She’s been through a lot this year and I was trying to be respectful of that and we kind of found each other,” Cody told us. “We just found each other in a place where we’re both ready for something like this and we’re both Sober… We keep each other in a good space. I’ve never had that in a relationship.”

Cody and Miley have been very open and honest about their relationship from the moment that they started dating, not being afraid to post tons of Instagram stories and even go live on Instagram together. Cody told us that they did this because they knew it would get out in the press regardless and they were proud to be with each other.


“We spoke about it like first week, like what we’re going to get blown up right, and we can go about it one of two ways. Getting busted all the time or just like not allowing anyone to bust us because we’re busting ourselves anyway.”

Take that gossip mags hey!

We also asked Cody about comments that Miley made during an Instagram Live yesterday, where she basically said that Cody was the first guy that she’d been with that wasn’t evil.

“It’s a nice thing to say,” Cody said. “I’d like to be the best boyfriend I can possibly be. Especially for her. She deserves that much.”

Naaawwww! These two are adorable! I mean, we love Liam Hemsworth and all but we just can’t help but adore Cody and Miley together!

Hear our full chat with Cody Simpson in the podcast below!



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