Now that Cody Simpson has reminded us what an amazing voice he has after taking out the winning title on The Masked Singer Australia last night, the Aussie looks set to release some new music!

Joining Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Cody told us that he’s not only planning a new album, but he might actually have a duet in the works with girlfriend Miley Cyrus!

A listener actually called up the show to ask Cody whether he and Miley would ever consider mixing business with pleasure and join up on the music scene when he basically told us that it was happening.

“We’ve talked about it,” Cody said. “Yeah we’ve talked about that and it might be a thing that we’ll do for sure.

“Yeah you can wait for that for sure,” he added.

At that moment, Miley literally tried to FaceTime Cody! Coincidence? We think not!


Not only that, but Cody actually sang one of Miley’s songs on The Masked Singer this season so we already know that their voices work on the same types of songs!

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for that! Until then we’ll replay their Kylie Jenner ‘Rise and Shine’ rendition on repeat…

Cody also told us about his new album that he’s working on

“As soon as I get back, I’m halfway through my first album in a couple years now so that will be early next year,” Cody told us.

“It’s pop, it’s rock, it’s urban.. It’s really fresh… The content of the album lyrically is like the experience of coming into awareness and coming of age in a very unique situation.


“I’m writing about that, I’m writing about the sh*tty relationships I’ve had with the industry, with the people in it, with women, with friends, all that stuff.”

Let’s hope this track with Miley shows up on that album!

Clearing space in our playlist as we speak…

Hear our full chat with Cody Simpson in the podcast below!

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