Prime Minister Scott Morrison will lead a majority government after the Coalition secured the all-important 76th seat in the federal election on Monday morning.

The Adelaide seat of Boothby had been on a knife’s edge over the past 36 hours of vote counting but early on Monday morning, the Labor candidate Nadia Clancy called the sitting member, Liberal MP Nicolle Flint, to concede.

It means ScoMo will have the opportunity to pass legislation through the lower house without the help of independents.

Saturday’s election produced one of the biggest upsets in Australian political history, with the Coalition retaining their position in government despite all the turmoil that saw Malcolm Turnbull ousted as Prime Minister last year.

Scott Morrison now has three years as Prime Minister before he is required to send Australia back to the polls.

On Sunday, he celebrated his win by going to church and then watching his beloved Cronulla Sharks played in the NRL.

“I give thanks to live in the greatest country in all the world,” Mr Morrison said.


“Thanks again to all Australians all across the country.”