The Germanwings plane disaster seems to become more and more menacing as days go on.

What first seemed like an accident is now allegedly a deliberate attack.

The co-pilot said to be responsible, Andreas Lubitz is said to have ‘suffered despression’ due to his eye problems, of which he attempted to hide from his employers.

German prosecutors believe that Lubitz had apparently been written off sick on the day the Airbus crashed.

When the Captain, Patrick Sobderheimer requested a toilet break shortly after take-off, Lubitz was left at the helm of the aircraft.

The black box reveals the Captain soon after banging on the door, demanding that Lubitz ‘Open the god damn door!’, shortly before the plane crashed into the French Alps.

Now it seems that there may have been a sign that Lubitz intended to crash the plane.


The black box also reveals a conversation between the two pilots where the Captain asked Lubitz if he could check the landing preparations for the Airbus A320, and Lubitz is heard to have replied, ‘Hopefully’ and ‘Let’s see’, The Times reports.


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