These days we see bands and singing groups breaking up left right and centre with members heading off on their own to focus on their personal careers.

It happened to One Direction, with each of the boys releasing solo music in recent years. Not to mention Fifth Harmony quickly fell apart after Camila Cabello chose to venture out on her own.

So it’s understandable to think that this is something that could happen to any band, even long-running and world famous bands like Coldplay.

When you think of the band Coldplay, you instantly think of the name Chris Martin – He is the band’s frontman and lead vocalist on all of their songs. But would he ever consider going out solo?

Chris Martin joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning ahead of the release of the band’s next album Everyday Life, when Kyle asked this very question.


But don’t worry Coldplay fans, it seems like Chris is VERY loyal to the group and will be for a long time to come.

“Do you sometimes wonder, ‘Oh will I share this with Coldplay or will I keep this for myself?’” Kyle asked.

“No,” replied Chris. “Because that’s who I am, I’m part of Coldplay. I don’t really exist outside of that.”

“I thought maybe you’ll do a Rob Thomas [from Matchbox 20] one day in the future and be like, ‘Screw the band I’m going to keep all the money for myself’,” Kyle added.

“Yeah a lot of people do that, have you ever considered that Chris? Going out on your own for a solo album?” Jackie asked.

“No I think that, isn’t there like a thing in Transformers where they all get together and make one mega robot or something like that?” Chris began.


“I just wouldn’t feel right without the rest of the band. It wouldn’t be right,” he added.

We agree with that! Without the band Coldplay we wouldn’t have some of the best songs out there right now, like Fix You, Yellow, Viva La Vida… We could go on forever really with all of their amazing songs.

Lucky we can stay calm knowing that the songs won’t stop coming anytime soon!

Hear our full chat with Chris Martin in the podcast below!


Coldplay’s album Everyday Life if out on November 22.