In case you haven’t heard, the entire KIIS team has been obsessing over Netflix’s new documentary, Derren Brown’s ‘The Push’. So much so that Kyle and Jackie O have spoken about it for days on end on the air.

For those who don’t know, the show follows a social experiment conducted by UK mentalist Derren Brown, to see how far someone will go to follow the commands of others.

The experiment is conducted on a man, Chris Kingston, who has no idea what he is in for. As far as Chris knows, he is heading to an auction to help raise money for charity. But really, he is placed in a a scenario with group of well-trained actors and actresses to see just how far they can push him to comply.

For instance, would Chris help hide a dead body? Or would Chris push a living person off a roof in order to save himself? INTRIGUING RIGHT?!

Of course watching Chris being pushed to do these crazy, and yes illegal, things on the show makes everyone put themselves in his shoes and think, ‘Would I ever do something like that if I was in that circumstance?’. Jackie revealed that she wouldn’t be convinced to do it.

“There was a moment when I knew I’d be out…and that’s when it was hiding a dead body,” said Jackie.

And we have to say, we think most people just sitting at home watching the show from the comfort of their own couch would also agree that they could never possibly be convinced to hide a dead body. So of course Jackie wanted to know, what on EARTH made Chris decide to do it?!


“Moving a dead body is a really big deal”, continued Jackie. “It was probably at that moment Chris that you were in too deep, once you agreed to move a dead body, that was it, you knew you’d done the wrong thing.”

“That was definitely the commitment part,” said Chris. “But in my mind, the only I could keep thinking was nothing I can do is going to bring this guy back from the dead.”

“It had been told to me so many times that this guy would’ve wanted the charity to succeed…So I thought, if this is his dying wish, who am I to really stop that”, revealed Chris.

So there you have it. It’s easy enough to say we would never do it, but I guess we never really know what we will do when placed in such a high pressure, emergency situation.

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