Chris Bath’s decision to quit Channel 7 after 20 years wasn’t about money, or a contract dispute, and she wasn’t pushed.

But “Bath Vader” happily told Samantha Armytage – the woman who gave her that nickname – “May the force be with you. And I say it with a smile on my face”.

“The nickname has been the gift that keeps on giving. I have so much Star Wars memorabilia now and I’ve always been a fan.

“As Yoda says: “Only once you live.” I’m with Yoda,’ she told the Daily Mail.

Chris Bath on leaving:

“This has been a very big decision,” Chris Bath said.


“I’m very grateful for the past wonderful 20 years at Seven. I want to thank the Network for giving me the chance to enjoy every broadcast journalism experience possible; from reading News to assignments abroad including East Timor, Bali, Gallipoli, Royal weddings and various Olympics, to interviewing pollies on “Face to Face”, “11am” and “Sunday Sunrise”, to “Witness” and “Sunday Night”, to the glorious anarchy of anchoring breaking news events for hours with our first class studio crews, to tangoing to ACDC under a mirror ball on “Dancing with the Stars”. I’ve loved it all, worked with some amazing people and made lifelong friends at Seven. It has been a tough decision to leave, but years ago I left a great job in regional television because I didn’t want to say “What if?” about life, and I feel with all that experience on board now, the time is right again to explore new horizons.”

Bath made headlines when news broke of her departure, but the 48-year-old veteran journalist seems happy to be moving on, taking a short holiday before looking for another job.

“I’ve got kids and a mortgage and I live in Sydney,” she told Daily Telegraph.

She will relinquish her roles as Weekend news presenter, and host of Sunday night to Melissa Doyle.

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